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2 years post breast reduction

I can’t believe I’m now 2 years post op!

So, Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I do check up on all you ladies, and love that you all talk on my page!
It’s absolutely fantastic seeing how everyone is going. I know that I don’t comment much, to be honest I’ve been going through a lot of mental health stuff as of late, and haven’t actually felt up to writing or commenting.

I do want to let you know a few things:

1: I have paid to renew this page, as I love you ladies all talk. So please keep it up!

2: My breasts are going great, they have grown a bit as I’ve put on weight due to medications, but the scars aren’t visible at all. I do sometimes have times where the underneath side of my breasts goes numb or feels funny when I itch it, and I’m not sure if this is normal but it doesn’t really bother me. I haven’t been in contact with my doctor for over a year now, so I’d feel funny to check up on it.

If anyone is interested in photographs of the 2 year healing process I will post photos.
Let me know ladies.

Much love,

One year post breast reduction!!!

One year after my Breast reduction.

Check out my one year photos, in the blog below =)

This is going to be a three part blog. Part one will be a summary of the year, and some things I’ve noticed since my reduction.

Part two will be some frequently asked questions.

And part three is going to be some reactions I got from loved ones before or after my reduction.

First of all – Welcome back to all my readers, sorry I have been slack with keeping you all updated.

There is so much that I want to write today, and I simply don’t know where to start.

First off I would like to thank everyone who is contributing to my blog, it’s so fantastic to hear stories from other girls, and answer questions you may have etc. This year my blog is getting 63 views a month, on average, which in my opinion is amazing!  In total my blog has been read 23,411 times so far!

This counter does not count the duplicate times people log on to view the blog, so that means a lot of people have now viewed this blog, and hopefully have found what they were searching for.

I want to summarise a whole bunch of stuff in this blog, and answer some of the most common questions that people have been asking me (for all the new kids, or the ones having trouble keeping up with all the comments).

Also, I will go into what I have felt over the last year, and all the personal benefits and secrets I’ve got, that may help you all cope better with your upcoming breast reduction, or your post-surgery recovery.

I had my 21st birthday last month, and it was amazing to fit into this dress that I have had for years and never been able to wear. I felt and looked amazing. I can’t believe the change in confidence and everything. Its so weird.


What other interesting things have I done since the reduction? Well this year has been pretty great.

1.            I’ve been to a few water parks


2.            did Brisbane Zombie walk


3.            I went on holiday for a couple of days to Caloundra with my family


4.            I went to victoria at the start of the year to photograph my uncles wedding. — those girls are my cousins, Rebecca and Jessica. Two amazing large breasted women.

5.            I graduated from my diploma of graphic design.


10 Wonderful things I’ve noticed since having my breast reduction.

  1. I can buy smaller, and prettier bras and shirts. Long gone are the days where I had to wear baggy shirts just to get them fit over my breasts. Also, now they don’t fall out everywhere when I wear a singlet. Yay! I’ve also noticed a lot of my bras are cheaper and for the first time ever I can buy bras in a department store without having to go to a bra speciality store (or getting them made).
  2. I now have the ability to exercise without the bounce and pain. No more sore back or neck or shoulders from those heavy breasts and silly bras. I’ve found it a lot easier to lose weight, I’m just working on getting my fitness level back up because it’s so very low at the moment. I will get there though…. Oh and I can now buy sports bras too! I’ve never had one before, they work, and they’re comfortable.
  3. No more shoulder dents from bras, which is fantastic, my shoulders look a lot more feminine now. I know it’s a silly thing to add, but I’m so very happy about it.
  4. My breasts are now symmetrical in size, and sit more naturally looking than they ever have before
  5. Laying down is so much more comfortable. It’s easier to sleep. All you big breasted ladies would have experienced the time when you have wanted to roll over but you need to lift up your breasts and hold them before you roll.
  6. Hugs are so much more personal, I no longer feel like I’m a meter away from someone when I hug them anymore.
  7. People are now talking to me, and looking at my face, not staring at my breasts. This is something I’ve noticed just walking around that people aren’t staring at my boobs anymore.
  8. I fit into cute swim wear. I totally got a one piece stripy like little sailor swim suit. It’s awesome. First time ever to fit into swim wear properly!
  9. I can stand up straight, with my shoulders back and no pain.
  10. And last but not least—— SELF CONFIDENCE BOOST! I feel amazing. =D

A years review – Blog part two! FAQ

A years review – Blog part two!

8 frequently asked questions to me:

1.            Question: do you have any regrets?

Answer: No, I would do the surgery again in a flash. It was scary, painful, and an emotional rollercoaster for me, and people around me – but it has changed my life, and I think that anyone even considering getting it done should book an initial appt with a surgeon, and have a chat.

2.            Question:  Will the scars ever go away completely? What did you use to help reduce the scars?

Answer: I think my scars will go away completely, however I’m a bit worried about the purple scars on the outsides near my armpits. They don’t seem to be fading as quickly, and are a bit thicker. My surgeon did tell me that this may happen because I had some extra weight around there, also I lifted some things I shouldn’t have – shortly after my surgery. I can’t remember why. Oops! – and as for what I’ve been using, I’ve had a couple of different things. The best has been Dermatix silicone gel cream. I’ve also used bio oil, and some spray scar reduction stuff. I found Dermatix was the best at reducing the scars, I could actually see the difference with it. And also soothed the itching after I had the tape reaction, and any other itching. The only issue with it was that the oil in it stained a couple of light coloured shirts when I wasn’t wearing a bra.

3.            Question: How did you choose your surgeon?

Answer: I got a referral back in 2005 to a surgeon, and he sort of scared me away. Because I was only 15 at the time. He was very honest and I decided not to go through. Then last year when I pinched a nerve in my back, I went back to a doctor and we decided it was time to get another referral. When I did it happened to be to the same surgeon. Complete coincidence, it was so weird! Obviously I was meant to go to this surgeon. I then did some research on him, and found out he was one of the best in Queensland. After the first appointment I felt comfortable with him and didn’t search around for any other surgeon. I do suggest to all the ladies out there though, that they do a lot of research, and ask their GP for a referral to a surgeon they know about, that has had positive results.

4.            Question: The sharp pains after the reduction that the doctor warned about, how long did they take to stop?

Answer:   I still get them every now and then. Back at the start of the healing process they were happening every couple of hours and would make me cry. This is just the nerves reconnecting inside your breast. So I’m assuming it could happen for quite a while. But it is a good thing it’s happening, so I just deal with it. It’s only about once a fortnight now though.

5.            Question: Have you had any noticeable relief in back pain? Are you able to do more physical activity already?

Answer:  Yes and Yes! My back doesn’t cramp nearly as much. Of course it will still happen every now and then, as with anyone. But I have found heaps of relief. I have read that this varies from person to person though.  As for physical activity, I found after 3 months I could do a lot more than I could before I had the reduction. I’ve recently started Karate classes, and it seems to be quite fun.

6.            Question: How did you get comfortable to sleep post-surgery? These drains are driving me nutty!

Answer:  I slept in many different ways. I found that sleeping on the couch was about a billion times more comfortable than the bed. I just sat up with heaps of pillows behind me on a slight recline. I also attached the drainage bottle things to my top so I didn’t have to carry them around and they wouldn’t pull.

7.            Question: How did your friends react when you told them about your reduction?

Answer:  As I was quite open with the whole thing, most of them knew about it for about a year, many thought I’d never actually go through with it though. They were all very supportive and were extremely happy when they saw how much more confident I was afterwards. I’ve posted another blog with people’s reactions just below. You should check it out.

8.            Question: Did writing this blog help you in any way, or is it just helping us?

Answer: Of course it helped me, it helped me express how I was feeling and be honest with myself when I was worried about something. It made me feel like I had someone to talk to about all my issues, without actually having to talk to someone. It also made me feel better knowing that people were getting information from me and that people were getting less and less worried about getting their reductions.

Year review – Part 3 ( reactions )

Part thee – year review.. REACTIONS.

So.. recently I asked some friends on facebook to write their reactions or thoughts about  my breast reduction. And they’ve come up with some interesting things. If you’re worried or curious about how your friends will react maybe this will help you.

Jessica: I was glad you did what you needed to to feel comfortable in yourself. And I’m glad i got all your bras 😀 (Jessica is one of my cousins, who had breasts the same size as mine. No idea if she is considering ever getting it done, she looks amazingly beautiful with her breasts haha)

Emily: Your tits look amazing now! You’re gorgeous! (a friend of mine, she’s adorable haha)

Naomi: I was really glad you were making a decision for both your mental and physical health. I knew you’d been in a lot of physical pain, largely due to the stress on your back, but I also knew that emotionally, they had taken a toll on your self-confidence. I prayed and sent you lots of love, knowing your strength and amazing families would support you like no JJ-cup bra ever could. Having seen the pictures on your blog during your healing, and seeing you now, months later, I am SO proud you made the choice. You’re still my gorgeous, spirited Mezling, but now you seem to have a little more spunk, and maybe even a bit more bounce in your step. You’re an inspiration to me and many others, lady, and I love you to bits. Xox  (Naomi is a friend who has been part of my life for approx. 5 years.)

Lanky: Well, it was a bit of a shock cause, you know, you were known at tafe for having to fix your boobs up in your top every 15 minutes or so. Not to mention all the awesome stuff you could fit down between em. BUT, I will say that I was really happy to see you got them fixed. I know boobs that big cause alot of back problems so it’s good to see you get them taken care of =) Super happy for you!   (Lanky is a guy I met at the beginning of 2010. We once had a theory that I couldn’t hide a 600ml bottle of water down my cleavage. Turns out I could, and a phone, and a couple of pens and other stuff – and you couldn’t even tell!!!)

Rebecca: YOUR BOOBS ARE SMALLER THAN ME! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo But omg they look sooo goood. Maybe i should do it… So glad you did it, you look happier and more confident and better proportioned. Although now i cant tell everyone about my cousin with size gazzilions breasts! Haha ( Rebecca is Jessica’s sister, my cousin, but more of a sister for me. We have lived together lots. She was an amazing support person after my reduction =) )


New post coming soon!

Hello to all my lovely followers, so sorry I haven’t been very active.

within the week I will have a new post all about how the year has been since my operation 1 year ago.
there will be photos, and I’m also going to get some friends to write down their reactions for me, and also how they saw me cope, so you can all get a slight feel for how the outside world may feel after they see the new you!

Best of luck to the beautiful ladies getting their breast reduction surgery done soon, and also a big congratulations to the girls who have had the guts to go through with it already.

Don’t forget to ‘add your stories’ to my page, I would love to see how everyone else has gone with their surgeries.

August 2011 – 9 Months Post Operation

Hi all!

It’s amazing to see everyone’s conversations and people writing their stories on my page, this is exactly what I wanted to happen! Thank you all.

Anyway, So here is an update as to what’s been going on with life and my new breasts!

Basically they are amazing, and I am so happy I got it done – again I urge anyone who is thinking about having a breast reduction to go to their GP, get a referral and get the process started. It has changed my life so much. I can hug people properly and not feel like there is a huge distance between us, I can run, play sports, all sorts of stuff. Oh and of course buy all those pretty bras.

I don’t even remember what my large breasts felt like or anything anymore, I missed them on and off but now I think it’s a lot better. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me as I’m more than happy to help.

Also, if anyone has pictures they’re wanting to post about their story I’m going to write a blog very soon with some people’s stories and also some photographs – so if you want to be included just let me know and I’ll send you an email as to where to forward your information.

The next blog I post will be updated pictures. I’ll put before, after 3 months, after 6 months and after 9 month photos.

Hope all is well.


xoxo Mez.